Thursday, February 27, 2014

Don Benedict

Random little beat board I did for a pitch that was never completed.
It's old, but I thought it'd be fun to post.
Here's the blurb on D.B. and Chorizo:

Don Benedict, the Nifty Chap from Coop

The Hook:

Despite the damsel not being in distress and the dark wizard not being that dark or even a wizard, Don Benedict is there to the rescue! Believing knighthood can be achieved by completing a list of knightly deeds, Don Benedict is chivalrous to a fault. Make your Saturday morning complete with this magical comedy filled with witches, kings, goblins eggs and sausage!

Don Benedict:

A bossy, delusional cracked egg that believes a list of knightly deeds can turn him into a knight in shining armor. Don Benedict loves to read chivalric novels and decides to become a knight. Though he’s always trying to help, Don Benedict usually only manages to make things worse for those around him, with his wild imagination. Alongside his squire, Don Benedict fights to help the weak on his quest for honor and courage.


A simple, smart and loyal friend; Chorizo is a sausage boy who never quits. The ultimate devotee; Chorizo is now Don Benedicts squire. Chorizo always has to pick up the pieces to Benedicts mishaps and usually ends up with a worse beating than his superior. In the end, these two are not only great for breakfast they’re great companions in a search of adventure.